Parent Survey for School Improvement 2018
Our students have the best chance of success when staff and parents work together. Please take a few moments of your time to give us some feedback on 15 questions; so that we can continue to improve, so that all our students will be Bold and Extraordinary Pioneers!
Pioneer communicates often and I am aware of special events at Pioneer High School (PHS).
I feel respected by the PHS staff.
When my child needs to talk, is bothered by something, there is at least one adult my child is comfortable going to for help.
I am aware of ways to be involved at PHS and feel welcome.
I believe my child is safe when attending PHS.
The staff at PHS involves parents in school improvement.
The school system shows respect toward the staff.
I know how to check my students progress from home.
I check with my student regarding homework, upcoming tests, grades and school events.
My child's teachers give me tools to help my child at home.
My child's teachers help my student to achieve success.
My child's teachers have high expectations and give work that challenges my child.
My child's teachers provide equitable curriculum for all learning needs.
My child's teachers use a variety of teaching methods.
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