TSCN Member Annual Report
We are fortunate to have National Science Foundation funding to provide support to the community of teen science cafés, and we love what we do! NSF requires an annual report to keep that funding flowing. We have attempted to streamline this process by developing a form for you to enter your information. We ask for basic data on your café events, attendance and demographics. We also ask a few questions about your interactions with the Network members and any big successes and struggles you might have had this past year. If you need assistance, contact us at info@teensciencecafe.org. We appreciate your promptness, as we need a response from every site that conducted one or more café events by June 30, 2016.
Your Name (First, Last) *
Café Program Name *
Location of the Café Program (City, State) *
What is the total number of Café events held at your site this past year? *
What is the total number of teens served by your program between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016? This includes multiple incidents of a person attending events. (requested by NSF) *
Of the total number of teens, what is the total count of unique individuals attending? (requested by NSF) *
What is the age range of teens served by your program? (requested by NSF) *
Please provide detailed quantitative data on the demographics (%Caucasian, %African American, %Asian, %Latino, etc.) of the community/communities from which you draw your audience? (requested by NSF) *
Please estimate the degree to which your participant demographics align with the demographics of the community. *
If your participants do not strongly or very strongly align with the community demographics, please describe the differences and potential causes. *
Does your program specifically target persons under-represented in STEM? (requested by NSF) *
If your answer above was YES, please describe the target audience and the method used to recruit the target audience. (Requested by NSF) *
Describe one big success you had in your Teen Science Café program. *
Describe one challenge that you are struggling with in your Teen Science Café program. *
We would like to get a sense of how members are interacting across the Network. Describe any ways that your site connected, shared, or collaborated with other sites in the Network, other than the TSCN Resource Center. *
How might the TSCN Resource Center better facilitate connections, sharing, and collaborations among sites to the benefit of all? *
Thank you for taking the time to provide this information.
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