2020 Sh'Bang Band / Musicians Application
Thank you for applying to perform at Sh'BANG! Each year we receive more and more interest and excitement from artists. We will be curating each show and choosing each act with quality, innovation, and diversity in mind.

Sh'BANG! 2020
September 4, 5, 6

Lookout Arts Quarry
246 Old Hwy 99 N
Bellingham, WA


Sh'BANG! is not like most festivals. It’s made by artists for artists and is primarily volunteer run. Sh'BANG! supports the creation and development of infrastructure for the Lookout Arts Quarry.

Most bands will have one scheduled set during the festival. However, in keeping with the title "A Festival of Ideas" we welcome artists to take initiative, create happenings, lead parades, invent new bands, or collaborate with other performers, and try out new ideas!

January 15th to April 15th: Applications are OPEN
Initial Responses Out by May 15th (soft response deadline May 1st), or earlier if we can
June 1st: Final booking decisions are made. You will receive invitations or declines. We will send out RSVP Questionnaires with the invitations with tech details and promotional material requests
June 15th: RSVP Questionnaires DUE: If we don't hear from you, we will give your spot to another artist.

Once you have applied, wait for our response and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please do not contact any of the Sh'Bang team with regards to your acceptance status. Let us know as soon as possible if any of your plans change.

Thanks for applying to SH'BANG! 2020

If you have questions, contact us at: performers@shbangfest.com
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Primary Contact Full Name *
If there are multiple people in the act or show you are applying for please provide the individual that is most reliable when it comes to email communication!
Phone Number *
To be used for the day of your performance if needed, or to call and answer questions about your application.
Preferred Pronoun(s) *
Where are you based? *
City is fine. (Where you will be before the festival is also helpful for carpooling, etc.)
Do you (and all of those joining you to perform) have a U.S. passport or performer visa? *
If you are joining us from outside the U.S., that's great! We want to make sure coming to Sh'Bang goes smoothly for you. Please contact us at performers@shbangfest.com to figure out the details!
Are you interested in volunteering during the festival? *
Do you like to be involved in the inner-workings of things?? This is your chance! We are a volunteer-run festival - check out https://www.shbangfest.com/volunteer/ for more info about being a volunteer and making Sh'Bang happen!
How did you know the Performer Application was open?
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Band Name *
Number of Band Members
Can be approximate!
Circus Sh'bang Show on the Cedar Stage
Featuring the noble hot dog Sadye Osterloh with Ketchup and Mustard by "A Little Bit Off".                                                  Photo by Elena Escobedo
Description of Music
Nargwashing mugwop? Kaleidoscopic intergallatic psychadelia??! This is for application purposes - we will get your promotional material after sending out acceptance letters.
Any specific scheduling notes?
Link to website, Soundcloud, videos or other application material *
What are your basic technical needs? *
We will get your full tech requirements and / or tech rider with the RSVP form.
Music at the Saloon!
What times are you available to perform?
We will try our best to accommodate but may be unable to due to the demands of scheduling everyone's needs
After Midnight
Friday (no morning slot)
Stage Info
We have four permanent stages integrated into the landscape of the Lookout Arts Quarry:

- Cedar Stage (45' x 26') centrally-locate, built from trees and boulders pulled from the land
- Saloon Stage, including two side by side stages (20' x 12' + 16' x 8'), surrounded by an elaborate western town facade.
- Beach Stage (16' x 5.5') in front of a floating dock stage/dance floor
- Pirate Stage (30' x 8') flanking the derby track
- Tripping Hazard (12' x 5') tucked into a hollow between the trees
- Cartoon Caravan (8" x 4'), goblin-shanty featuring puppets and clockwork machines

With no “main stage”, all the stages become hot spots at different points of the weekend. Additionally, we welcome artists to take initiative, creating impromptu happenings, leading parades, or collaborating with other performers, and exploring new ideas!
Do you have a stage preference?
Clear selection
Are there other bands, performers or artists you recommend we reach out to?
If so, please leave a short description and contact info
Compensation *
DiTrani Brothers Play the Cedar Stage
Photo by Camellia Nieh
If you would like to be compensated financially, what is your request?
Do you sometimes perform with different musicians? Are you open to performing multiple sets throughout the weekend? Does a large group, or long-distance travel affect how much you need to be paid? Are there other (non-monetary) requests that would help support you in coming to Sh'Bang? Give us some details as we often try to involve artists throughout the weekend!
Have you applied, or do you plan to apply to another Sh'Bang application?
Anything else you would like to tell us?
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