St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - Parish Profile Inventory Survey for our New Rector
Dear members of our community of faith,

We are now beginning the process of selecting our new Rector. The first step in this process is defining ourselves and our missions as a parish through a parish profile. Our parish profile will be sent out to candidates interested in applying to become our next Rector. For many, if not all, the profile will be the first impression they have of our faith community. Thus, it is critically important that we try to encompass all that we are, as best as we can.

This means that we need your input. St. Matthew's is not just one person or one ministry: it is all the parts of the whole that make us who we are. Please take 5, 10, 15 minutes (or as much time as you would like) to fill out the Parish Profile Inventory Survey below. This will give the Search Committee all of the wonderful knowledge and experiences of our community of faith. The information in this survey will help us to create a profile that truly represents us. If you have any questions about the survey, as you go along, do not hesitate to contact any member of the search committee.

A few quick things before you begin the survey:

- With this particular software program, you are not able to go back to change your answers once you submit the survey. If you have something you want to add after you have made your submission, let a Search Committee Member know and we will make sure that it is included.

- Your answers are confidential, and no one will know who filled out the survey unless you put your name on it. Even if you do include your name, your name will not be included in the Parish Profile. This would just give the Search Committee the opportunity to possibly contact you for more information, if needed.

- Once you have completed the survey, please encourage others to fill theirs out. We want to best represent the St. Matthew's faith community. The more responses we have, the better we can ensure this. We encourage families to have their children fill out the survey with their help.

Thanks and blessings!

St. Matthew's Search Committee

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