Orlando Mini-Reunion JANUARY 2020
The purpose of this survey is to get your RSVP and collect your preferences for the upcoming Orlando mini.

Whether you plan to attend, do not plan to attend, or not yet sure, please let me know for planning purposes.

There is time every day to visit with old friends and socialize, with activities also available each day, so come for part of the time if that works for you.

If you are unsure or have not made up your mind for any question, just pick the best preliminary response - you can update these choices later.

The survey is divided into four parts:

Part 1 - Personal Information - This is for you to provide name and whether you plan to attend
Part 2 - Registration Information - This if for your general reservation information.
Part 3 - Your Preferences - This is for you to fill out your personal preferences for activities and attractions.
Part 4 - Wife or Guest Preferences - This is for your wife or guest to fill out their preferences for activities and attractions.

NOTE - Your wife or guest must fill out Part 4 so we have accurate count for all activities.

If you have more than one guest coming, you should complete and submit this survey, use the link to open another survey,
fill in your name, etc (Part 1), skip the section for your preferences (Part 3), and have the additional guest fill in Part 4.
Do this for additional guests if necessary.

NOTE - To make minor changes, send me an email with the change and I will enter it for you.
If you have a large number of changes, use the same link you used before. This will take you to a new blank survey form. Fill out the new survey completely and I will replace any previous versions with the latest inputs.

If you have any questions or additional comments contact me at 61REUNION@cfl.rr.com

Thanks for your help.


61 Second to None
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