GISTM Implementation Study: Industry views relating to qualification, experience and competency
The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) requires the appointment of various responsible individuals. This survey will help develop guidelines for the qualification, experience and competency of individuals involved with tailings management. These guidelines will be developed taking into consideration the five (5) consequence classifications suggested in GISTM: Low, Significant, High, Very High and Extreme.

Please review the definitions below and indicate whether you are comfortable to consider the appropriate qualifications, experience and competencies required at each of these four levels.

Accountable Executive (AE): One or more executive(s) who is/are directly answerable to the CEO on matters related to this Standard, communicates with the Board of Directors, and who is accountable for the safety of tailings facilities and for minimising the social and environmental consequences of a potential tailings facility failure. The Accountable Executive(s) may delegate responsibilities but not accountability.

Responsible Tailings Facility Engineer (RTFE): An engineer appointed by the Operator to be responsible for the tailings facility. The RTFE must be available at all times during construction, operations and closure. The RTFE has clearly defined, delegated responsibility for management of the tailings facility and has appropriate qualifications and experience compatible with the level of complexity of the tailings facility. The RTFE is responsible for the scope of work and budget requirements for the tailings facility, including risk management. The RTFE may delegate specific tasks and responsibilities for aspects of tailings management to qualified personnel but not accountability.

Engineer of Record (EOR): The qualified engineering firm responsible for confirming that the tailings facility is designed, constructed, and decommissioned with appropriate concern for integrity of the facility, and that it aligns with and meets applicable regulations, statutes, guidelines, codes, and standards. The Engineer of Record may delegate responsibility but not accountability. In some highly-regulated jurisdictions, notably Japan, the role of EOR is undertaken by the responsible regulatory authorities.

Independent Tailings Review Board (ITRB): A board that provides independent technical review of the design, construction, operation, closure and management of tailings facilities. The independent reviewers are third-parties who are not, and have not been directly involved with the design or operation of the particular tailings facility. The expertise of the ITRB members shall reflect the range of issues relevant to the facility and its context and the complexity of these issues. In some highly regulated jurisdictions, notably Japan, the role of ITRB is undertaken by the responsible regulatory authorities.

This survey is undertaken by Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and all results will be reported anonymously.
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