WGST 35: Intro to Masculinity Studies Interest Survey (For Fall 2020)
This is is a survey for students interested in taking WGST 35: Introduction to Masculinity Studies at CCSF. The information you provide here will be used to help us determine the best time for course meetings, and will allow us to send you information about schedule and enrollment details when the course launches in Fall 2020.
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More about the WGST 35 course:
COURSE DESCRIPTION: An interdisciplinary and intersectional study of masculinities within US culture and society. Special attention will be given to how masculinity is represented and constructed along axes of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, class, and ability, as well as possibilities for challenging hegemonic masculinity and building new masculinities.


1) Discuss how sex, gender expression, and gender identity function within larger economic and political landscapes.

2) Analyze how masculinities and masculine roles are constructed, and how constructs vary according to systems of difference.

3) Examine the impact of dominant forms of masculinity on public health and societal well-being.

4) Analyze key cultural works aimed at resisting dominant forms of masculinity within and across different racial and ethnic groups.

5) Evaluate the effectiveness of organizations and social movements aimed at constructing new masculinities, particularly in terms of impact on interpersonal violence and gender inequality.
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