MHRR Rabbit Wait List*

Most rabbits are on our wait list for over a month.

The more information we have, the faster they are likely to get adopted off of the wait list before we have a spot open.

PLEASE EMAIL US PICTURES. Rabbits are MUCH more likely to get adopted off the wait list if we have pictures. The best email address to use in regards to the wait list is: <- This is our main wait list email.

****Please fill out one form per pet if housed separately****

MHRR keeps several rabbits throughout our foster homes year-round, we do not have a public shelter. Most of our rabbits are located in and around Baton Rouge, LA, including Baker and Covington. We can only keep as many as our foster homes can hold, and that number fluctuates depending on home availability as well as if rabbits are housed together. Even though we have so many up for adoption, we have to keep a waiting list of rabbits asking for our assistance as the intake requests outnumber the adoptions, just like cat and dog rescues. We regret telling any rabbit no for the time being, but we must take proper care and provide appropriate housing, food, and vetting for the ones already in our care. Summer is the hardest time as adoptions are less frequent (vacations, summer camps) and intake requests increase (college students moving, gets too hot for outdoor rabbits), but we keep the list going year round.

We try to prioritize for urgent or time-sensitive cases, and rabbits in animal control facilities where euthanasia is a possibility are top priority. Rabbits being returned from adoption are also top priority. Otherwise we try to take in rabbits in the order of date the requests were received. The wait for a spot in a foster home sometimes depends on the size and number of rabbits being surrendered, as some foster homes cannot house pairs, etc. While we are blessed to have spare cages in storage for emergencies and such, we already have as many as we can fit space-wise inside our foster homes so donating a cage or habitat will not usually quicken the wait time.

Even though we may not have a spot in a foster home open, we do still try to help find an adopting family for our waiting list rabbits. We ask for information & photos if possible for the list in case we get inquiries for particular breeds or personalities, and we also put them in the public's eye on our Facebook page. When photos are sent, we put them in a dedicated Waiting List photo album on our Facebook page. We occasionally find an adopter before a rabbit's turn is up on the list, especially if it is a commonly requested breed! If this happens, we require that the adopter submit an adoption application prior to us taking in the rabbit. If approved, the rabbit will be brought to our veterinary clinic for a health check and spay/neuter if not already altered, then the new family will be able to take their new bunny home.

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PETS PICTURES TO: (Include your name, pet's name, and wait list in the subject, this is our main email address to keep track of wait list bunnies.)

IF YOU ARE SURRENDERING A GUINEA PIG -> Please fill out our separate Guinea Pig Wait List form that can be found at the bottom of this page:
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If this is found pet, would you be interested in fostering until a home is found? We would provide supplies needed as well as spay/neuter.
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Thank you for your patience
While on the waiting list, if you choose to try to re-home your rabbit yourself, you may try social media, online ads or local pet stores. PLEASE be sure to ask an adoption fee to help ward off those with ill intentions.

If you are in the New Orleans area, you may also check with Jefferson Feed, the Louisiana SPCA, or BunnAgain Rabbit Rescue in Paradis. Other rescues that accept rabbits include Holley's Hopping Habitat Rabbit Rescue & Education Center in Haughton, LA, though most foster-based rescues stay full like us as well. PLEASE do not set a rabbit "free" as it is not only illegal to dump domestic pets but they have a poor chance of survival alone. (

As a last resort, please surrender them to your local animal control facility, as we work with the majority of them across southern LA for holds until we have room for intakes.

If you are surrendering your rabbit due to allergies, behavioral issues, or moving to a non-pet-friendly place, please check out the following resources:

Behavioral Issues:
If your rabbit is not spayed/neutered:
If your rabbit is already spayed/neutered:

Allergy Problems? :

Getting your landlord to say YES to rabbits.:

Please email your pet's pictures to: (Include your name, pet's name, and wait list in the subject, this is our main email address to keep track of wait list bunnies.)

We do our best to get to wait list forms in 1-2 days but it may take up to a week depending on number of requests since it is dependent on volunteer availability.
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