Yosemite West Trash Coop - New Member Form
This form is to gather contact information from new members of the Yosemite West Trash Cooperative and will not be shared with any outside sources.
Primary Member *
Please enter the name of the member who we will be corresponding with.
Primary Email Address *
Please tell us the email address you wish to be contacted with for the Yosemite West Trash Coop.
Phone Number *
Please provide a phone number with which we can contact you.
Account Name
Please let us know the name by which you call your home in Yosemite West.
Yosemite West Address *
Please provide the address of your home in Yosemite West. If you are signing up for multiple homes, please fill out a new form for each home with a different address and account name.
Your Home Address
If Yosemite West is not your primary residence, then please provide a mailing address other than your Yosemite West address. This will used if we need to mail you anything.
Second Member Name
If we can not contact your primary member, is there a second member we can contact?
Second Member Email
In case we can not contact your primary email, please provide a second email address corresponding to your second member.
Secondary Phone Number
In case we can not contact you at your primary phone number, please provide a back-up phone number.
Account Type *
Please specify the account type for your home.
Any Questions?
If you have any questions, please ask below or email me at YosemiteWestTrashCoop@gmail.com.
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