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Filling out this form allows you to be involved in NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries' research and management activities. You aren't required to have any expertise or formal training in order to fill out and submit this form. We want you to share with us what you see or hear while hiking, biking, walking, swimming, diving, boating, fishing, photographing or otherwise enjoying the natural and cultural resources found in and around national marine sanctuaries.

The information you provide is valuable. It provides sanctuary staff with an enhanced, up-to-date picture of the status of sanctuary ecosystems. Aided by your observations, we can better monitor, conserve and manage our shared marine and coastal ecosystems.

If you took photos of your observation, please email them to with the subject line "Sentinel Site Alert Photos."

NOTE: If you choose to provide your contact information, we will only utilize this information if we have questions about your alert submission. We will not release this information without your permission.
What sanctuary were you in when you noticed this issue? *
Choose the sanctuary where you made your observation.
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Enter the date and time when you made this observation.
What issue did you observe? *
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Describe the specific place (e.g. the name of the beach or the latitude and longitude if you were at sea) where you noticed this issue.
What did you observe? *
Include information about species observed, weather conditions, habitat type and water quality conditions as applicable.
How can we contact you for more information?
If you took photos of your observation, please email them to with the subject line "Sentinel Site Alert Photos." Please note that we will only utilize your contact information to contact you about this alert. We will not release your contact information without your permission.
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