LALP 2019 Judge Nomination
The LALP Planning Committee is proud to present the Judge Nomination form to the local leather community. As we celebrate 20 years of the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest, we are excited to take this contest to new ground by presenting the Mr. and Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest’s together and bringing the Los Angeles Bootblack title back in one combined event that will be an anniversary event to remember.

The LALP will again select the Los Angeles Leather Contest Judges Panel by community vote. Given that the Mr. Los Angeles Leather and Ms. Los Angeles Leather contests are being combined this year, it is the mission of the LALP Planning Committee to keep this in mind in every aspect of the planning process, specifically for the judges panel to be a diverse representation of the LA Leather Community.

The LALP Planning Committee is seeking judge nominations for the combined Mr. and Ms. judges panel. The Bootblack contest judges have been selected by the LALP Planning Committee and confirmed by the LALC board

After all nominations have been received and vetted, LALC community partners will have the opportunity to vote for their top choices to fill the judges panel. The LALP Planning Committee will then confirm up to 6 selections, confirm their availability and announce the selected judges. The current Mr. Los Angeles Leather, current International Ms. Bootblack & the current International Mr. Leather have already been invited to the panel of judges.

While we encourage the community to nominate a wide range of potential judges, there are certain criteria that will disqualify someone from being accepted as a nominee:

-Producer of a feeder contest
-Current/Outgoing titleholder from the LAL2018 class and associated contests
-Board member of both LALC and Ms. LAL
-Anyone who has judged LAL the past 2 years

Anyone who is nominated and falls into those categories will be removed from the list of nominees.

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