2020 Sturgeon Summer School PK-8th Grade Parent Survey
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent recommendations of the CDC and the Boone County Health Department, we will not be holding our normal in-seat summer school in June as originally planned. As we explore other options for 2020 Summer School, we would like to know what our parents and caregivers' thoughts are on possible summer school options. Please complete the following survey by May 12, 2020. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
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What grade level is/are your student(s) currently in? Select all that apply. *
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and schools closing, were you planning on having your student(s) attend in-seat summer school? *
Given the current COVID-19 situation, would you still want your student(s) to attend in-seat summer school, if it was offered this summer? *
Would you be interested in an online or virtual summer school program for your student? *
Would you be interested in an in-seat version of summer school in late July and/or early August? *
Would your student still attend/participate in summer school, if we did not offer the student attendance incentive gift cards ($25, $50, $100) for perfect/near perfect student attendance? *
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