The European Citizens, the European Institutions, and the National Authorities among the member States, are currently observing the "ONE OF US" European Citizens Initiative. As part of the campaign of One of Us, the organizers have arranged a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago.

Crossroadswalk One of Us is an special event that will start in O’Cebreiro on August, the 11th 2013, and will finish in Santiago de Compostela on August, the 18th , 2013.

This event is a sign, of the integral connection between the European Citizens and the defense of the dignity of the human life since the conception. Our stance in favor of life does not flow primarily from an ideology or a political platform, but rather from the same belief in the need of the protection of the human embryo as any ONE OF US

We therefore urge parishes, families, and individuals, young communities, and all the different movements to join us on this CROSSROADSWALK.

Let this be a moment when we all rededicate ourselves to the Defense of the respect of each singular Human Life!

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