Theora American Bulldogs Puppy Application Form
We breed for Health, Temperament & Performance.
Trying to improve this amazing breed by selectively choosing the best quality lines here in Australia and Overseas to include in our breeding program.
Our Breeding program consists of direct imported lines from New Zealand, Germany & America.
We aim to produce Standard Type American Bulldogs suitable for the family and working home.
Our goal is to always try and better the breed through each generation whilst always staying true to the breed.
This form has been created as a basic guide that will help us decide which puppy is best suitable for you and your needs.

We always put our puppies best interest first, so keeping in mind peoples preferences, we will mostly choose your puppy for you. Based on what characteristics you are looking for, what you want to do with your dog, and what you are wanting for you, your family and your home, will help us determine which puppy is going to be best suitable for you.

It is really important that you fill out this form as honestly and thoroughly as you possibly can. Failure to do so and this will result in the termination of your application.

Theora American Bulldogs has the right to refuse anyone of the purchase of our puppies if we feel that they are not suitable.
Full Name *
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Would you like to be put on our waiting list? *
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You are sold one of our puppies, while breeding rights remain with Theora American Bulldogs * Conditions Apply
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Is your pet(s) de-sexed, de-flead, wormed and up to date with their vaccinations? *
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Puppy Information
Why would you like to purchase a puppy from Theora American Bulldogs? *
Have you owned an American Bulldog Before? *
If you have not owned an American Bulldog before, have you owned another large, powerful breed before? *
Please list which breed(s).
Have you done any research on the American Bulldog? *
Is there a specific puppy that you have seen and are interested in?
Please let us know which one.
Preferred Sex? *
Are you looking for a particular type of puppy? *
Colour, markings, etc.
What type of personality/temperament are you looking for? *
Please specify what training you will be doing with your puppy/dog. *
Puppy School, Obediance, etc.
Will your puppy be an inside or outside dog? *
What type of diet will your puppy/dog be on? *
How much exercise will your puppy/dog get per week? *
What type of activities would you like to do with your American Bulldog? *
If you are wanting a potential working prospect, please list in what feilds.
Hunting, Weight Pull, Agility, IPO, PP, etc.
If you are wanting a puppy with full registration and breeding rights, please fill out the following questions.
Are you already an American Bulldog Breeder?
Please provide the name of your kennel.
Link to Facebook page and/or website.
Who is your kennel registered with?
Why would you like to include one of our dogs in your breeding program?
What health testing do you do on your dogs?
Please tell us a little bit about the direction you plan on going with your kennel and breeding plans.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application form.
Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?
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