Scala Matsuri 2018 Call for Proposal
Come share your stories at Scala Matsuri 2018!
We are excited to announce that the fourth Scala Matsuri will be held on March 16th - 18th, 2018 at Tokyo International Exchange Center. Please submit your sessions and save the dates on your calendar. This CFP will be closed on Sunday, December 16th 23:59 JST. (6:59 Pacific, 9:59 Eastern in US)

Please see here( for how to submit proposals, and here( for travel support details.
All speakers are asked to be respectful to each other and follow the code of conduct.


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While the CFP is open, we'll accept cancellation or modification to the proposal. For the change or any other questions, please contact us at We might also contact you to ask about the session or ask to modify the content.
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