Are you ready to GET UNSTUCK and move your career forward?
My goal is to show you how to see people and partnerships as resources to help you align your life with purpose.

Ever since I started this project, I've integrated the affirmations, activities, and stories into my coaching practice, and my TRIBE methodology has quickly gained a loyal following.

"Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward," will help you clarify your vision for your life and build a team so strong you won't know who the boss is. The TRIBE methodology incorporates research from the leading organizations successfully attracting and retaining talent. As part of the Getting Unstuck coaching program, working one on one helps you achieve your results confidentially with customized support and assessments from your coach.

During our discovery call, I'll explain the coaching format and International Coaching Federation guidelines-- it's important to note your responses are kept confidential and are only used to help me prepare for your session.

- Meredith Moore Crosby, president of Leverette Weekes
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Be sure to ask about referrals for mental health professionals of color.
Coaching is about self improvement for the individual and the client is encouraged to come up with solutions. A therapist understands how past trauma affects current thinking and behavior. The therapist suggests solutions with an emphasist on past events. Both are private and confidential but have different purposes.
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