Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership 2017
Registration Form: Second Research Training Event 4, 5 and 6th July 2017
Manchester University’s Centre for Jewish Studies holds annual postgraduate and post-doctoral research training events for students and post-docs based anywhere in the UK in collaboration with the Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership institutions. This year the event will take place on 4, 5 and 6 July 2017 at Manchester University.

This application form is for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who wish to take part. The training event will:
• be inter-disciplinary, with generic and some more specialized research training in certain Jewish Studies fields
• focus on trends, methods and types of evidence
• allow post-docs to participate alongside PhD students, but also to contribute to leading a session if required

Participants are eligible for varying forms of financial assistance. For this, see the penultimate point in the form below.

The programme of last year's event is available from: This year's event will be similar, but will have mostly different sessions. This year's event has been partly shaped by feedback from the 2016 participants. We will have a mix of sessions on "career development" events (e.g. post-doc applications, REF 2021, post-doctoral career paths) and "Current Trends in X" (X = a field of Jewish Studies). Sessions will be led by academics in the various fields from the Northern Partnership Universities and elsewhere. There will be plenty of time for networking and times will be set aside for one-to-one meetings with senior academics.

Please submit this form by 22 June 2017.

In case of questions please contact the Partnership's administrator Ms Laura Mitchell at

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This will be used for communications regarding this event. We are also likely to use it to send emails to all participants before the event, and as part of contact list to be made available to all participants at the event or before, so that participant researchers can get in touch with each other directly. If you wish to opt out of this, please provide your email here but send a message to Mrs Mitchell, at:
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What are the main disciplinary methodologies you work with? (e.g. Ancient Hebrew/Aramaic sources, Antisemitism, Art and Art History, Cultural Studies, Gender, Holocaust, Israel Studies, Jewish themes in contemporary Eastern Europe, Intellectual History, Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations, Literature, Media/Screen Studies, Medieval History/Sources, Modern British Jewry, Modern Jewish Culture/Identity, Politics/International Relations, Social Studies) *
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What academic needs do you have that you think a research training event like this should meet? *
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What other research training events have you attended in the last 2 years?
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If you are from a Northern Partnership institution, you are eligible for at least partial reimbursement of travel/accommodation expenses. If you are from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad, you may still be eligible for a partial travel/accommodation bursary. Choose "Yes" below if you wish to be considered for financial assistance. *
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