Peace Haven Jr. Camp - Volunteer Registration
Please provide your name and any job tasks you are willing to preform.

Jr. Camp is July 15,16, and 17.

***Youth Volunteers*** Must be 8th-12th grade. 7th grade youth will be considered at the discretion of Jr. Camp leadership. Thanks!

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NOTE: Class leaders do not have to teach. 3 teachers are needed (1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th). "Roamers" will work where needed each day.
***NEW*** - If selected as a class leader, which grade(s) would you prefer to lead?
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If you do not attend Peace Haven, please provide your email address:
NOTE: This will allow us to gain further information from you. If you do not attend PHBC please note that completing this form does not guarantee approval to work at Jr. Camp. We will contact you via the email address you provide.
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