Transportation Mode Survey via Bike Talk, WMBR 88.1fm
A short survey to understand the level to which pedestrians/cyclists/transit riders are also licensed drivers.
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During your typical WEEKDAY, what type of transportation DO YOU USE MOST to travel to your usual work/school location?
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During your typical WEEKDAY, how often do you use the following transportation modes: *
3-4x per week
1-2x per week
Seldom (1xMonth or less)
Public Transit
Taxi/Ride-Hailing App/Carpool
Single Occupancy Vehicle
Do you now or have you ever held a driver's license?
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If you answered 'yes' to the above, how many years have you held a driver's license?
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What is your home ZIP code?
What is your work/school ZIP code?
How many motor vehicles does your household own?
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Are you a member of a car-sharing service (for example, Zipcar)?
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Have you ever been a member of the following groups? (check all that apply)
You most identify with the following label (choose one):
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