Queer Content Creator Interview
You're queer!  You create and share something with the world!  And you're not a bigot / harasser / abuser!  Here is a chance for you and your work to be promoted!
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I reserve the right to refuse to publish and delete your interview for any reason.

My standards for this interview is: you're queer, you create some sort of content, and you're not a bigot / harasser / abuser.  While we all have bigotry to unlearn, and we might not all get along or like each other, if I learn that you are willfully engaging in harm to others, you are not welcome on my platform.

And obviously, if you're not queer, and / or you don't create content, this interview isn't intended for you.
About the Interview
Before we begin, I'd like to give you additional information about the interview so that you're fully informed.

1) This is a written / direct answer style interview about yourself, your content, and content you've been enjoying recently. it will be published on my wordpress where comments are moderated.

2) Your answers can be as long or as short as you like.

3) There's no urgency involved.  Take as much time as you want and need to answer.

4) If you're having trouble filling out any of the questions, here is a link https://hfepro.com/category/writing/interviews/ where you can go to look at how others have answered them.  Do not plagiarize anybody's answers.  Using other people's answers for inspiration is allowed, but please put your answers in your own words, or attribute people properly if you're quoting them.  You can attribute people properly by naming them and linking to their interview.

5) And finally feel free to ask any questions you have about the questions.  You can DM me on twitter (hfeproductions) and discord (Hale_Forest_Elf#8813), or you can email me (hiverforesteevee@gmail.com) subject line: Queer Content Creator Interview Questions.
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