Synagogue Softball Survey
This is an anonymous survey designed to give the Synagogue Softball Executive Committee a better idea about who is playing and how we can make the league even better. Your answers will remain confidential and used solely for informational purposes.
What team do you currently play for? *
How many years have you played in the league? *
Do you play in any other softball leagues? If so, how many, besides Synagogue Softball? *
How many Synagogue Softball teams have you played for in the entire time you've been playing in this league? *
What division do you currently play in? *
What division do you think best suits your skill level? *
What is your age range? *
Do you belong to a synagogue? *
Do you belong to the synagogue for the team on which you currently play? *
What do you like about Synagogue Softball? *
What could be improved about Synagogue Softball? *
How did you originally find out about Synagogue Softball? *
If given the opportunity, would you like to be more involved in how the league is run by serving on a committee? *
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