2019 - 2020 8th Grade BMS Program Preference Form and Student Information
Directions: Please complete all questions in this form by Friday, May 25, 2019 . Rising 8th graders will be able to identify their top three technology allied art experiences and top non allied art experiences.

BMS Administration will work hard to grant each 8th grader one of their top two technology allied art experiences and their top non technology art experience during their 8th grade year.

(Note: According to new legislation, each student must have one trimester of one of our technology allied art experiences.)

Also, students who are currently in Red Cluster will stay in Red Cluster. Students leaving Razz and Orange Cluster will be placed into a single year experience. Cluster placements will not be changed once a student is placed into a cluster. Students who are currently in French will remain in French, and students in Spanish will remain in Spanish.

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Preferred Technology Allied Art Experiences (identify your top three choices)
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BMS Music Selection for All Students.
If yes for band, what band instrument do you play?
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3 things I would like my child's cluster teachers to know about my child:
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My hopes and dreams for my child as he/she enters the 8th grade:
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