2018 Experience Philippines Road Trip Pre-Registration Form
Hi there Future Road Tripper!

Experience Philippines is a travel experience company that pioneered the travel concept called Random Road Trips where the DESTINATION is a SECRET and the ACTIVITIES is a SURPRISE.

THANK YOU for your interest in joining one of the epic Road Trips. We are currently updating all our links but if you are keen on being part of the EXPERIENCE PHILIPPINES Road Trip, you can use this form to PRE-REGISTER to the road trip you want to be part of. Just simple fill out the form below and we will send you more details about the trip.

Sounds good? Well, then let's get started...

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When you sign up for a particular road trip, you will be asked to make a 1,000 pesos reservation. An email will be automatically sent for reference and confirmation. If you notice, there are trips that says AIRFARE. This means that there will be flight involved. We can help purchase for your airline tickets. Full Payment can be settled 2 weeks before the road trip. Please note that reservation is Non-Refundable but transferrable. :) In addition, every booked trip has an equivalent Cebu Pacific GetGo Points. For every 100 pesos = 10 points. Yay!
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Still unsure? Check out this amazing video of one of our Random Road Trips
Magic happens outside your comfort zone!
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