2019 -2020 YWCA of Greater Atlanta TGI Tech Student Application
Welcome to the YWCA of Greater Atlanta Teen Girls in Technology Program! Our after-school program focuses on closing the STEAM gender gaps for our students. While this program is dedicated to fun and engaging STEAM hands on projects, our program offers built in career exploration tools tor exploring careers, imagining the possibilities and taking steps to plan for your future. Please complete the student application and answer the questions below. We are committed to your success!
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My perception of women in STEM is
My confidence level in science and math is
My confidence in performing hands on experiments is
My desire to pursue a STEM career is
My ability to solve problems by myself is
TGI Tech Programming
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I am persistent in completing a task or a project.
I share knowledge and ideas in STEM learning activities.
I express enthusiasm and joy around STEM learning.
I perform STEM-related activities at home.
I am actively engaged in afterschool STEM activities.
I am improving academically in science and math.
I explore STEM ideas verbally or physically.
I conduct internet searches for things I do not know.
I have books and journals about STEM.
I watch TV programs on science, technology, engineering and math.
I have an increased knowledge in specific content areas.
I make connections to STEM and the world around me.
I use scientific terminology.
I formulate questions by testing, exploring, predicting, observing, collecting and analyzing data.
I understand the nature of science.
I understand the engineering design process. (systematic inventive thinking)
I use evidence based reasoning and argumentation.
I form questions by testing, exploring, predicting and observing, collecting and analyzing data.
I engage in critical thinking by questioning, sequencing and reasoning.
I work well with team members.
I demonstrate leadership on my team.
I know how to use measurement and scientific instruments.
I know how to run computer programs for data analysis.
I know how to communicate findings using the scientific methods.
I contribute to STEAM projects that address a community need.
I see examples of STEAM in everyday life.
I am engaged in a service –learning project using STEAM.
I am knowledgeable about STEAM professions.
I am knowledgeable about where such jobs and careers exist.
I know what courses are needed for me to pursue STEM degrees.
I want to declare a STEM interest or major.
I have a desire to meet a STEM role model.
Did you participate in the YWCA TGI Tech program last year?
Why do you want to participate in the YWCA TGI Tech Program this year ?
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