2019 Annual Policy Symposium
Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and your anonymous responses will be consolidated for reporting purposes. Survey results will help us continue to enhance our Annual Policy Symposium for next year.

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1. Have you attended NHC's Annual Policy Symposium in the past?
2. How did you hear about NHC's Annual Policy Symposium?
3. How would you rate the the registration/check-in process? (5-excellent, 1-poor)
4. How would you rate the buffet food? (5-excellent, 1-poor)
5. How would you rate the venue? (5-excellent, 1-poor)
6. Please rate this panel discussion: Panel I: Innovations in housing and community development finance
7. Please rate this panel discussion: Panel II: Go bold and other lessons learned from the California Ballot Initiative
8. Overall, how would you rate the quality of speakers?
9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the program structure?
10. How likely are you to attend the next Annual Policy Symposium?
11. What did you like about the event?
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12. What areas can we improve upon?
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13. Do you have suggestions for topics for next year's Annual Policy Symposium?
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14. Is there anything else you'd like to share about the event to help us improve for the future?
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