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Eye Zen Presents and OUT of Site
Eye Zen's OUT of Site, breaks new territory, leaving the traditional theatre space behind with a series of performance-driven walking tours through the streets of San Francisco. Now in it's 2nd year, OUT of Site will place audiences in the physical space of LGBTQ ancestors, reinvigorating our relationship to site and location and our connection to history. In collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, each of the tours will stop at 6 locations along the way, where audiences will experience site-specific performances, bringing together theater, dance, video, puppetry, drag and live-music, giving people an opportunity to participate in the history. The work will reveal the often-unrecognized stories of San Francisco in times when the nation’s LGBTQ community experienced social and political repression that erased many legacies from the historical record and community consciousness of them. Watch a video of the March 2018 tour to get a feel for what we do. https://vimeo.com/281705421
OUT of Site: SOMA
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