Rabbi Fitness ™ After-School Program Spring 2021
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Rabbi Fitness Waiver Form
I hereby state that my son is in proper mental and physical health condition to participate in the activities provided by Rabbi Fitness LLC. I am fully aware that any physical activity involving movement, force and velocity creates the possibility of serious injury. I hereby release and hold blameless Rabbi Fitness LLC, its employees and staff from liability arising from injury or damage to the person/ property of the above named student occurring in the premises being utilized by Rabbi Fitness LLC. I understand that Rabbi Fitness LLC, has the right to deny admittance to any student not meeting the standards of the program as it sees fit. I also understand that in the event that my son engages in conduct deemed inappropriate by the instructors Rabbi Fitness LLC has the right suspend/ expel any student for such conduct. In addition, I give full permission to use any pictures or videos of my son taken during class time for advertising and promotional purposes. I further understand and accept that any classes missed due to absence(s) of my son[e.g. illness, other conflicting engagement] is NOT entitled to a refund or make up class. I further attest that all the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
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