Group Volunteer Inquiry Form
Thank you for your interest in bringing a group to volunteer with St. Anthony's!

Giving us detailed information about your group enables us to find the right opportunity for you to serve. This form should be completed by the point person of the group and only takes a few minutes to complete. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Groups may serve in our Dining Room, Farmer's Market, and Free Clothing Program. No special skills are required to volunteer, but we do require all group members to be over the age of 15. Groups with participants under 18 must have adequate adult supervision.

November and December service opportunities fill up quickly because of the generosity of the community. If you are flexible with your service date, we’d love for you to consider working with us later this season. We especially need support just after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We look forward to the possibility of hosting you and your group!


Erika Hapa
Group Volunteer Coordinator

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