2020 Tournaments Expression of Interest
Please fill out this form to let us know which tournaments you are interested in attending and representing Wellington Storm at in 2020.

Christchurch Open

When: Fri 20th March 5pm - Sun 22nd March 5pm
Where: ARA Sports hall
Grades: Elite, Open, U15, U13 TBC, U11 TBC.
Format: 3v3 plus goalies

Southern Lakers Floorball Cup

When: Sat 18th - Sun 19th April
Where: Wanaka Recreation Centre
Grades: Open grade
Format: TBC

Each year Wellington Storm travels as a club to a tournament in Australia.
In 2020 we will be going over to the Northern Beaches Open in Sydney.
The tournament will be held Sat 3rd October - Mon 5th October.
The great thing about this tournament is that the whole club can attend - they usually have U11, U13, U15, development, men’s and women’s grades.

Our Wellington Floorball Open will be held the weekend before this tournament (Fri 25th September - Sun 27th September).
We will gather up interest for these two tournaments a bit closer to the time but wanted to make you aware of what our club plans are for the year.

There is the chance that a group of players from Wellington Storm may attend:

Australian Floorball Open.
Sydney from 29th April - 2nd May.
Players must be a minimum of 15 years old at Jan 1st 2020 to be able to play.
Both men's and women's grades.
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