2017 PBF Volunteer Database
Welcome to the 2017 Plano Balloon Festival sign up form. Any and all amateur radio operators are encouraged to participate in this three day event from September 22nd through the 24th.

Please fill out the form as completely as you are able to help facilitate in resource planning. Please invite other amateur operators to participate. Please do not complete this form more than one time. Errors and corrections should be made by contacting the Volunteer Liaison found through our contacts section of the website.

Note: ALL training information will be found at https://sites.google.com/site/pbfcommssupp/

Direct inquiries can be made to Fred Varian-WD5ERD wd5erd @ arrl.net

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Training Info
Every attempt has been made to provide as much information as possible to the volunteer without trying to overwhelming them. By selecting "Yes", you acknowledge that you will seek out the general and training information available to you and make contact with the volunteer coordinator, staff member or lead of the position you intend to volunteer for to gain needed clarity. Did you also fill in the questions in the format requested???
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