NAC Accessibility Survey
We welcome everyone and want to make sure there are as few barriers as possible to people's participation. This survey is to see what we may need to work on.
Thank you for taking the time to look at this. We really appreciate your honest feedback.
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About how often do you currently attend NAC meetings? *
Gatherings, project meetings, team meetings, etc
What (if anything) prevents you from attending or participating in meetings that you are interested in? *
Please say more in the space below about anything you checked
If you checked anything above please describe here
Use as much detail you're comfortable with so we can best address the issue.
About often do you participate in NAC Digitally? *
Via Slack, email, etc.
What (if anything) prevents you from participating in NAC digitally?
How could we make it easier for you to participate in NAC in the ways that you want to?
Any other feedback for us? Anything at all
If you'd like any followup or would be willing to answer questions about your responses please put your email here so we can be in touch (optional)
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