Application for Electrico solar inverter instalment payment programme
At Electrico we believe everybody should have access to an affordable and constant power supply. To ensure that everybody has access to an affordable and constant power supply, we have to shift our focus from the national grid that has failed us and bring the power back into our control.

A solar inverter is a perfect alternative to the national grid that has failed us. Unfortunately, considering the present economic situation of the country not many people can afford a solar inverter. We have taken this upon ourselves to change this narrative.

Introducing Electrico solar inverter instalment plan. This programme will allow you to own a solar inverter without having to make complete payment upfront. You make a little payment upfront and the remaining amount is spread across several months. You will be allowed to choose a flexible plan that suits your income. Our registration for our first cohort is out.  If you are interested, fill the form below.  

Note that this is an interest form more information will be provided if you are eligible. If you will love to own a solar inverter in the future, fill the form as well. We will get back to you. If you know anybody that needs to see this please share this link with them 
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With the current market rate, an average solar inverter cost about 200,000 naira. Can you afford this at once?
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After the initial deposit, your remaining balance will be spread across several months to make it easier for you to pay
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