Is our rubbish going where you think it should?
Just like you, we passionately care about our environment - for us to be able to use and enjoy right now, and to protect for the benefit of our children and future generations.

We have all seen news stories and images of ever-increasing waste levels reaching our oceans. But the problems are closer to home too.

We'd love to gauge the current level of awareness of local recycling opportunities in Havering. We'll put the responses together in to an action plan to improve things for us all!

There are no "right" answers here - the only right answers are what you currently think, know and do - it's as simple as that!

We will not publish any personally identifiable information when using your responses.

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Ocean-borne plastic waste
Do you live in Havering? *
If you know which ward you live in, choose it from this list?
Havering is split in to 18 wards, choose your ward if you know it
Do you currently recycle any household waste?
What methods of recycling do you currently use?
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How satisfied are you with the recycling facilities and options in Havering?
Not very
Very much
Do you receive any rewards from Havering Council for the recycling that you perform?
We are NOT talking about any "feel good" or "warm fuzzy feeling" that you might get from recycling!
Does Havering Council do enough to inform you of the recycling options available?
Not at all
Very much
What percentage of household waste do you expect is recycled across the whole of Havering?
How satisfied are you with the level of recycling in Havering?
Not very
Very much
Havering Council buys-in recycling services from a third party organisation for a set number of years. For how many years would you expect us to be locked in to a contract?
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