Wildsight Creston Valley Green Map Feedback
The Creston Valley is a hotspot of biodiversity with many species at risk. The area is important for wildlife corridors between the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains. The Creston valley is also critical for North-South ecological corridors. The goal of the Creston Valley Green Map Project is to help decision-makers preserve the exceptional biodiversity of the Creston Valley.

We are interested in your feedback on the Creston Valley Green Map. Where can we expand ecosystem protection in the Creston Valley? How can this tool help create healthy, sustainable communities that protect our environment, wildlife and water?

You can fill out one, some or all of the questions below. Thanks for your input!

You can also contact us at crestonvalley@wildsight.ca
What types of habitats do you think are missing from conservation areas in the Creston Valley? Why?
What habitats do you think are rare in the Creston Valley? Why?
Do you know any important habitats for wildlife? Salt licks? Wintering areas? Breeding areas?
What plant communities and forests are important to you? Why?
Where are examples of humans coexisting with wildlife in the Creston Valley?
Where are there conflicts between protecting natural areas and human footprint?
What do you think of the idea of conservation in areas of geotechnical risk? Do you think there are places that this would help increase protection of ecosystems in the Creston Valley? Why?
Looking at the Green Map, where are areas call for expanded protection? Why?
How could we, as a community, facilitate ecological connectivity in the Creston Valley?
Anything else to add?
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