MamAmor Custom Doll Order Form
This custom order form is for Classic and VBAC dolls only (Mini dolls require another Custom order form)
Please fill out this form and submit. We'll get back to you with a quote in 24-48 hours.
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Please describe preferred color and length. If the doll is meant to look like you, please send a photo to
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Babies are made to look like their moms. Please indicate if you prefer something different - eye, hair or skin color)
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Special Requests
This space is for you to describe any other specific requests you might have. For example: freckles, tattoos, and preferred clothes colors.
Family Dolls - Doula and Midwife Dolls
This space is for you to describe details of babies, toddlers, PapAmor or any other family and/or Doula/Midwife dolls. Please describe hair color, skin color, eye color, and clothes types and color preferences.
Time *
Waiting time for custom dolls depends on the time of the year, generally is between 1-3 weeks. Please indicate the approximate time when you'll like your doll to be ready. Please consider shipping time, depending on location, shipping could take from 2 to 3 weeks, we ship from Canada.
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