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In 2000 when Fran returned from her cross-country bike journey, she founded Powerstories Theatre. It started with a simple question “do you have a story to tell?” Twenty years later and hundreds of true story productions later, we are celebrating our unexpected downtime without our theatre and our 20th anniversary with a reach back to our roots by asking the same question. “Do you have a story to tell?”
During our time sequestered, let’s safely put the social back in isolation. We invite you all – every gender, every age - to share your story. Write it down, sing a song, record a short audio or cell phone video, draw an image, or paint a picture. We want to hear your story. What makes you happy, what story gives you joy - in all its many variations – MOV, MP4, MP3, or JPG?
Your grandson’s giggle? The yoga class you escape to after work? A song that recalls a special memory? A black and white wedding photo, yellowing with age? The A on your last report card? The doctor telling you your cancer is in remission? Someone using the correct pronoun? A coloring page in your adult coloring book? Your toddler dancing to her favorite song? A handmade item or a costume for a comic book convention? The pink paw pads of a kitten or kisses from your dog? A Bob Ross painting you completed to perfection? The best finger-licking BBQ? A special friendship you formed? Is it a quiet time in the morning before the world wakes up? What story brings a smile to your face and joy to heart? Tell us or show us your true story.
What story brings a smile to your face and joy to heart? Tell us or show us your true story.
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