Call for Networking Breakout Topics
The AMS is looking for input from the community on Networking Breakout Topics they wish to see at the 101st Virtual Annual Meeting taking place 11-15 January 2021. The Overall Planning Community has come up with general themes for each day. We are looking for topics that fit each of these themes.

Monday (4:30-5:00pm Eastern)- Ice Breakers
Tuesday (10:00-10:30am Eastern)- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Wednesday (4:30-5:00 Eastern)- T.E.A.M., Teach, Empower, Affirm, Mentor
Thursday (10:00-10:30am Eastern)- Strengthening Engagement with Communities through Our Science and Services
Friday (4:30-5:00pm Eastern)- Fun Wrap Up Topics

*Descriptions of each theme can be found below

**Please complete this form by 4 December 2020
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Suggestions for Monday "Ice Breakers"
For Monday Ice Breaker Topics we are looking for fun and interactive topics that will help attendees break the ice and get to know each other. Examples include "Whine and Wine," "Beer and Babies," "Cocktails and Cap Clouds, "Snow Cones and Snow Caps," etc.
Suggestions for Tuesday "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"
For the Tuesday Networking Breakouts we are looking for topics on diversity and inclusion. These topics can include, but are not limited to Finding the abilities in disabilities, LGBTQ+, Women in Meteorology, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, etc.
Suggestions for Wednesday "T.E.A.M., Teach, Empower, Affirm, Mentor"
For the Wednesday Networking Breakouts we are looking for topics based on the different Generations of AMS. These topics can include, bur are not limited to Mentoring and Career Stages.
Suggestions for Thursday "Strengthening Engagement with Communities through Our Science and Services"
For the Thursday Networking Breakouts we are focusing on "Strengthening Engagement with Communities through Our Science and Services." We want attendees to be able to chat with others that are interested in the same things. Examples can include The Weather Enterprise working together, Private Sector, Education, Space Weather, Broadcast, etc.
Suggestions for Friday "Fun Wrap Up Topics/Reflection"
For the final Networking Breakouts we want to focus on fun and reflective topics. We want these topics to be an easy way to wrap up the week and give everyone one more time to make connections.
Other Topic Suggestions
If you have other topic suggestions and are not sure which category they fit in, please include them here. The AMS will review your topic and decide where to put it.
Are you willing to be a moderator for your suggested topic(s)? *
The moderator will be responsible for keeping the conversation moving and making sure everyone has a chance to talk and interact with the other attendees. AMS will provide you with official guidelines before the conference.
If you are not willing to be a moderator please nominate someone else. Please include their full name and email.
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