Science Editor: Pandemic Dispatches
As the global Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and the international response has intensified almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives has been affected. Journals, publishers, and other science communication organizations are not only working overtime to publish up-to-date and accurate information, but are also dealing with changes to work schedules, meeting cancellations, closed offices, and more.

This form is provided as a way to capture your experiences and thoughts as you and your organizations adapt to this ever-changing landscape. These can range from profound shifts in your approach to scientific editing and publishing, to more quotidian details about how you're dealing with remote work and trying to stay sane. We're interested in collecting everything you may want to share: tips & tricks, interesting anecdotes, funny stories, new insights, thoughts on the future and where we'll be in a year, and more. We've provided a few optional starter questions below, but please feel free to skip them and enter your response in the Open Response box below.

Over the next few weeks/months, we'll review and collect responses for publication in Science Editor as appropriate.

Please note: We are collecting names and email addresses in order to validate responses and allow for follow-up if needed; email addresses will not be published or shared. If you would prefer to have your response published anonymously, please indicate this below. Responses will be reviewed by editors and may be edited for clarity.
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What was the first significant change you noticed?
Was there a moment, event, or change that occurred that made you realize everything was going to be different for a while.
For journals, how have the quarantines and institution closures affected your editors, authors, and reviewers?
How are you staying connected with colleagues?
Any technologies or tips you'd like to recommend? Any struggles? Any thoughts on what is gained or lost in an all virtual workplace?
What is something you're doing to stay healthy (physically and/or mentally)?
When this is all over, is there any recent change that you're hoping stays around?
How do you imagine the current situation may permanently impact science communication in general?
Do you think there will be long-term changes to how science is communicated to the public? A reevaluation of the pros and cons of traditional peer reviewed publication vs rapid dissemination (eg, via preprints)? How may this affect the future of the scientific conferences, print journals, and other aspects? Have the last few weeks changed your mind about some aspect of scientific communication?
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Thank you for taking the time to respond. We hope that you are staying healthy and safe.

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