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The Valmiera Summer Theatre Festival is proud to announce an Open Call for the performance-making project `Can city be my forest´ for 5 dancers who are interested in movement research and performance opportunity. The project is taking palace from the 23rd of July til the 6th of August 2023.   CRITERIA?  We welcome to apply all 18-60 years old dancers, with different expirience, who are feeling confident working with improvisational frameworks. 

WHEN?  Arriving date  -  23rd of July  evening Exploration and Rehearsals - 24th July - 3rd August Performances - 4th, 5th and 6th August 

CITY BE MY FOREST is a captivating performance-making project that centres around the urban environment and its organic surroundings, with a keen focus on ways to bring the forest into the cityscape and establish a novel sense of visual serenity. During the project's progression, participants engage with their physical bodies, movement, and attentiveness within both the urban and natural settings, endeavouring to explore the connection between human and object performances and their relationship to place, space, and other people and objects through various cognitive and tension-based practices. The program cultivates synesthesia practices and encourages experimentation with V. Mikita's and Keity Pook's forest practices while fostering the creation of personal ones. The performers begin their journey by studying the urban landscape, then transitioning to the natural environment and bringing their newfound knowledge back to the city. Keity's curiosity lies in understanding how the body reacts and changes, seeking answers to the question, "Can the city be my forest?" Upon completion of the exploration and creative phases, a performative score will be composed from the gathered material, which will be presented five times at the Valmiera Summer Theatre Festival.

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