"A Survey on Practices and Perceptions about Teaching-Learning & Assessment of Undergraduate Microbiology Practical Skills among Faculty of Indian Medical Schools"
As per Medical Council of India, GMER regulation 1997, later amended in 2017, broad goal of teaching Microbiology to undergraduates is to provide an understanding of the etiology, natural history, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases, to enable an Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) to deal with treatment and control of such diseases in the community.
In this regard, MCI has defined certain core Microbiology competencies in its new Competency Based Medical Education (CBME)curriculum, to be implemented from 2019 MBBS admission batch.
We are living in the era of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases and heightened antimicrobial resistance. Therefore, there is need to evolve and reconsider undergraduate microbiology teaching. However, it is observed that the contents and methodology of teaching-learning and assessment of Microbiology practical skills for UG students is diverse across the country. In order to meet the objectives of new CBME curriculum, it is essential to understand the current trends in teaching and assessment among microbiology teachers of India so that, we can standardize and bring in uniformity.
Through this survey, we plan to assess the same and work towards effective implementation of CBME.
You are kindly invited to give your responses and help in gathering data.
Your institutional identity will be kept confidential and pooled data will
be shared with relevant stakeholders.

There are five sections in the questionnaire and you need to spare
10-15 minutes to fill the responses. We are thankful to you for your valuable time towards improving the future of Microbiology.

With sincere thanks
Dr Suman P Singh*, Dr Jyoti Nagmoti** Professor, Department of
Microbiology, *PS Medical College, Karamsad, Gujarat, **JN Medical College, Belagavi, Karnataka, India.

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