New Cooks and Chefs Questionnaire
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2. Are you comfortable cooking the entire Foodom menu, in the customer's kitchens, and doing grocery shopping if needed? *
3. Are you over age 18 and eligible to work in the US? *
4. Do you have reliable transportation to be able to fulfill orders? (you choose the orders you accept) *
5. Do you agree to respond to messages within 1-2 hrs? (During daytime) *
6. Have you done or agree to do food safety training and get general liability insurance?
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7. Do you agree to have an appropriate business license in the relevant areas? *
8. Please review our short Corona Virus Safety Video. Will you be comfortable following these instructions? *
9. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
9. a. If you answered "Yes" please explain:
9. b. Are you willing to have a background check? *
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