Camp Stevens 2018 Counselor Availability
This form is for RETURNING SUMMER CAMP COUNSELORS who have already completed CT (Counselor Training).

Please email Ian Barreto, Summer Camp Director, for more information at

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Camp Schedule
Below are the dates for counseling this summer. Check the sessions you are available, and if you are willing to be the bus counselor. The dates listed below are when you (a counselor) will arrive at camp, NOT when the campers arrive. Program counselors are to arrive on the first date of each session in time for a staff dinner at 5:30pm.

This year instead of offering Epic, we will be having a dedicated Mini-Camp Session during the Session 3 week followed by a mid-summer breather for resting and recharging for the rest of the summer.

You all have the opportunity to be the bus counselor TO and/or FROM camp and make $25 each way. The bus leaves from Burbank the day after the dates below (ex. For Session 2, July 8-14, the bus counselor arrives with the campers on Sunday, July 9). The bus then returns to Burbank on the last day of the session. Please check any/all sessions you can be a bus counselor. San Diegans can also check this box -- for some sessions we have a San Diego bus that requires a counselor. Bus counselors for San Diego will make $15 each way.

How many total sessions would you like to counsel this summer?
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Please check any / all sessions when you can be a counselor and if you are interested in joining the bus trip(s) for that session.
Counselor Training
June 17 through 26
Adventure Session 1
July 1 through 7
Adventure Session 2
July 8 through 14
Adventure Session 3 (Mini Camp)
July 15 through 18
Adventure Session 4
July 22 through 28
Adventure Session 5
July 29 through August 4
International Odyssey
August 5 through 11
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