Supplementary Information Form - 2020 Entry
This form will be used to help us confirm your residency qualification for admission to the school:

Our Admission Policy states:

a) In order to qualify for admission under rules referring to the school’s catchment area, the applicant must have been resident at their home address continuously since April 1st of the year preceding proposed admission (for admission in September 2020 this is April 1st 2019).

b) If a parent of the applicant still owns a property within 20 miles of the school which has been the main family home more recently than September 1st 2016 (ie 4 years before the proposed date of admission), a property closer to the school will not be accepted as the basis for a legitimate residence qualification even if the former property is leased to a third party. For purpose of this policy a parent of the applicant is defined as a parent with whom the applicant resides for at least 2 nights of the school week (Sunday to Thursday inclusive).

c) The school may require additional evidence for ‘residence qualification’ if there are reasons for casting doubt on the accuracy or completeness of an application.

For inclusion in the first round of allocations this form must be received by 4pm on 30 November 2019.

The information collected via this form is managed in line with our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices (Students and Parents) which can be found on our school website.
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