LatiNegr@s & Sexuality

Bianca Laureano is an award-winning fierce-haired Puerto Rican LatiNegra sexologist living in New York City. For over a decade Bianca has worked with communities of Color on various topics connected to sex and sexuality. She is co-founder of The LatiNegrxs Project and hosts Bianca is an independent scholar, writer, and radical educator. She identifies as a radical woman of Color and you may read more about her at She is joined by an unpaid intern, Tasasha Henderson who is helping with promotion and distribution. You may contact Bianca with any questions or suggestions at If you are looking where to buy kratom, in you can find all the information that you are looking for.

This project is an attempt to bring LatiNegrxs, Blaktinxs, Caribenxs, AfrxLatinxs, et. al. into conversations around sex/uality. Often we are not included completely, and only presented as either ethnically Latinx or racially Black. The questions below center demographics, resources available and used by LatiNegrxs, and forms of sex/uality information from various people in our communities.

Responses to this survey are 100% confidential and your responses will not in any way be connected to your identit(ies) unless you agree to have Bianca contact you via email for additional survey questions. If you chose not to share your contact information your response will be anonymous. This information will help begin to shift conversations and begin to provide LatiNegrxs with the opportunity to share our own experiences. The findings will be made available by July 2013 at and folks are welcome to use the findings in their own work to bring awareness, inclusivity, and justice to conversations about LatiNegrxs and our sexuality needs. The citation will be a communal citation and not one solely attributed to Bianca as this is a communal effort.
This is phase one of a budding multi-layered project centering LatiNegrxs and sex/uality. Additional parts of the project includes media, workshops, and community building among LatiNegrxs. If you are interested in joining other parts/phases of this project please reach out to Bianca at
Although each question is “required” with a red *, please note if you do not want to comment or do not have anything further to share please write any word you choose (i.e. n/a, see above, etc.) to move through the survey.
Many thanks in advance for your time, input, and participation.

This site was updated in 2016 to reflect the change and usage of ‘x’ replacing ‘@’ in language.

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General Information
What is your ethnic background? *
Please be specific (i.e. Puerto Rican, Panamanian, etc.)
How do you racially identify? *
Choose all that apply and/or add your own!
What country do you live in? *
Where were you primarily raised? *
Name of city and/or country
What is your spiritual belief system/religion/etc. (If none, please put that as a response) *
i.e. Santeria, Atheist, Condomble, etc.
What is your sexual orientation? *
Sexual orientation refers to the people you are attracted to (romantic and/or sexual) and when you imagine your future who you see as a companion.
How do you identify your gender today? *
What is your age? *
Resources & Education
What advice/information did you receive about sex/uality from parents, caregivers, and other family members (aunts, grandparents, etc.)? *
Please indicate who provide what advice/information (i.e. my grandfather always says...; my aunt told me....)
What advice/information did you receive about sex/uality from friends? *
Please indicate the gender of the friend who shared the advice/nformation
What advice/information did you receive about sex/uality from mentors, teachers, etc.?
What do you think was missing from the advice/information you received about sex/uality from friends, family, parents, caregivers? *
What advice/information would have been useful for you to have about sex/uality? *
How did media and popular culture (magazines, film, music, dance, internet) impact your understanding of sex/uality? *
Online Resources
What internet sites, spaces, and tools do you use/visit today to get information about sex/uality? *
Please give specific names or websites of virtual spaces.
What do you think is missing from the information you find online? *
What are ways that online websites and virtual spaces can be more useful, educational, and inclusive of LatiNegr@s? *
Future Phases of Research
Would you be interested in being contacted via email to answer a few more questions online to help shape and begin more comprehensive work about sex/uality and LatiNegr@s? *
If so, please leave your email address and/or contact information in the text box below.
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