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請填寫方便我們聯絡您的email。What's an email address where we should reach you? *
貴品牌的主要產品及所屬產業是?What is your primary product and industry? *
貴品牌的重心是?What is the focus of your brand? *
貴品牌創建至今多長時間了?How long has your brand been around?
貴品牌的商業模式是?What is your business model? *
Ex: 零售、服務、聯盟行銷等 Retail, Service, Affiliate Marketer, etc.
貴品牌今年希望達到的首要及次要營業目標是?What are two of your primary business goals you hope to achieve this year?
Ex: 平均客單價提高20%,顧客終身價值提高20%,顧客人數成長20% 等。Increase average order value by 20%, Raise CLTV by 20%, Customer growth of 20%, etc.
貴品牌在哪些社交媒體上最活躍?On which platform are you most active with your followers and content?
您的顧客目前的運動狀況是?How fit are your customers?
(續) 您的顧客目前的運動狀況是?(Cont.) How fit are your customers?
不運動或很少運動 Not in shape
積極運動、業餘運動員等級 Semi-professional athletes
據您所知,您的顧客本身希望更積極運動、更健康嗎?As far as you know, how interested are your customers in becoming more fit?
(續) 據您所知,您的顧客本身希望更積極運動、更健康嗎?(Cont.) As far as you know, how interested are your customers in becoming more fit?
沒有特別希望 No interest
強烈希望 highly interested
請問您目前所在國家是?In which country are you located? *
貴品牌顧客大多位於同一個國家嗎?若非單一國家,是哪些國家?Are the majority of your customers located in your country? If not, where?
您最有興趣追蹤的營銷相關數據為何?What are you most interested in tracking for your business?
貴品牌希望提供怎麼樣的獎勵給用戶以運動點數兌換?What do you want to make available for customers to "buy" with their coins?
請告訴我們貴品牌的官網及社交媒體帳號 Where can we find you online e.g. website, social media?
有任何問題想問我們嗎?Any questions you have for us?
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