Survey: Engaging with the South Hub
Dear Hub Members,

There are currently several ways to engage with the hub. Many of you began by submitting spokes or planning proposals. Some have joined working groups, are participating in summer industry collaboration programs, or are involved in upcoming workshops. We know others are still seeking ways to connect.

Therefore the South Hub is offering a survey for groups and individuals that would like to engage or provide feedback on interactions to date.

The survey reflects on your Hub experience thus far, outlines several ways for individuals and groups to be involved, and gives us the opportunity to highlight your team’s success stories. We encourage collaboration leads to forward the survey to all team members. Let's get started!

All the Best,

South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub

Renata Rawlings-Goss, Ph.D. Lea Shanley, Ph.D.
Co-Executive Director Co-Executive Director

South BD Hub: Feedback, Future Engagement, and Success
Please share what you liked, what could be better, and how we might provide more value for your team. Additional replies to
Your Thematic Area of Interest
Select multiple if applicable
Through the proposal writing process, Hub meeting, or related events were you able to make connections with new partners?
If Yes, How many are you planning to work with in the future?
Your answer
From what sectors did you make connections? Feel free to elaborate in the "Share your success story" section
Check all that apply.
Please let us know if any of the below were useful while you were preparing the proposal
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Which South BD Hub location have you interacted with primarily?
Would you be interested in being nominated to be a member of a Hub Operational Committee?
Operations Committees (OCs) engage directly with the Hub Executive team to implement across hub activities. These committees are distinct from Rings in that they would be a select group assisting the Hub in the development and administering of services to the membership as a whole
I am interested in participating in one or more of the Operations Committees below:
During your experience with the Hub, in your own research or in other endeavors, have you or a group engaged in asset mapping (Collecting a list of resources, datasets, tools, models, etc. in your theme area of interest)?
If yes, please feel free to comment or describe:
Your answer
If yes, would you be willing to share resource lists or asset maps with the South Hub? This would foster cross-disciplinary sharing.
Provide your name and email address if you would be willing to answer follow-up questions about your responses.
Your answer
Your answer
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Share your success story: Please tell us what is most exciting or surprising about your emerging project and the team you have formed.
We will share these updates with our South BD Hub leadership team, NSF, and incorporate it in future communications/promotion for your project. Explain the "so what" for a non-technical audience, with emphasis on the stakeholders and trajectory of the collaboration
Your answer
Help us improve: Please provide feedback on your interaction with the hub - what was most helpful? What might the South BD Hub improve to provide more value to your team now that the first spokes solicitation is over?
Ideas for engagement before/after the reviews occur? Changes for the next spokes call or other funding opportunities?
Your answer
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