2017 Tennis Volunteer Corps Registration
Please complete this form to sign up for one of our Winter or Summer Tennis Volunteer Corps sessions. We will reach out to you with an informative email and payment information shortly after receiving your registration.
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In the following fields, please enter your name as listed on your Government ID
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Please select which session you would like to register for. (If you are signing up for two straight sessions, then select your first session and note that you are staying for two sessions in the "Special Travel Notes" field below.)
Airport Preferences
We handle the booking of flights for our volunteers and have volunteers flying in for each group from around the country. We typically hub everyone through Atlanta (on Delta) or Miami (on American Airlines). Please list your top two choices for the airports you would like us to use when searched for your flights. We will do our best to accommodate your top choice. Note that your flight is covered in the cost of your volunteer experience. *If you need to fly out of one airport and return to another airport, that is not a problem, just make note of that in the notes section below. We do note book flights until we have received your deposit, and we do not book flights without first getting your (or your parents) approval.
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Special Travel Notes
If necessary, use this field to enter special travel notes. For example: I want to attend the first session, but need to arrive a day late, or a day early... or I would like to attend two straight sessions... or you return airport is different from your departure airport.
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As of 1/1/2017
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It is OK if you have graduated. We have lots of post-grads and college coaches participate in our trips.
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Name of current or last school you attended (or coached at.)
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Email address of your HS, College or Club Coach. This is optional, we just like to let them know you are going with us so they can notify their sports information dept or the local newspaper.
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