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Andrew School is restarting its meal service starting April 27th and tentatively ending on May 28th.

Andrew School is offering lunch to all students 18 and under in our attendance area on any SCHOOL DAY during this extended closure period. This lunch plan is a free service for all students. Please complete this form by 9:00 on Sunday, April 26th, so we can get an accurate count of meals to prepare.

If you are in need of lunch during our extended school closure period, please complete the form below. The school will be open two days per week for meal pickup (Monday and Thursday). On Monday's you will be able to pick up meals (breakfast and lunch) for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday you will be able to pick up meals for Thursday and Friday. This is just like the same procedure we put in place the last week we had our program going.

Meal Pickup will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m (Monday and Thursday) in the front of Andrew School. Simply drive up, let us know for how many students you are picking up for, and we will set the meals/milk on your passenger seat.

To do our part of social distancing, we will not be delivering any meals. It is very important that if you sign up to receive meals, you come to get them so the food doesn't go to waste. If you are unable to come to get your meals or need to make changes in meal pickup, please email or Thank you for help with this matter.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 563.672.3221. There will not be a person here to answer your call, but if you leave your question and number, we will return your phone call.

Andrew Staff

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