MCRI Concept Proposal
We are excited you are interested in collaborating with us! Please let us know about your research goals by answering the questions below. If you are seeking collaboration as part of a grant application, you must submit this form to MCRI at least 2 weeks before your application is due. Please note that any research you wish to conduct in addition to what is described below will require a separate approval process; failure to do so is considered a violation of this agreement.
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Describe the research question(s), specific aim(s), hypothesis(es) if appropriate, and overarching objective of your study. Please email a copy of your research proposal, if available, to Dr. Emma Kay at *
Outline BAO’s explicit role and scope of work in this proposed study, including deliverables and a proposed timeline. *
It is the policy of BAO that data will only be used for the explicit reasons submitted by the investigator; subsequent analyses must receive BAO/MCRI approval IN ADVANCE. Are you seeking to utilize existing data at BAO? *
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