Discipleship One Catechetical Registration 2021 (OLSS)
Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to register your child for Catechetical Sessions at The Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

To submit a successful registration, you will need to complete/submit the following documents:
1. This registration on Google Form
2. Transfer the Admin and Operation fee of $20 via PayNow to OLSS UEN T08CC4039G. Under Add Comments for Recipient; state child's Level and Name. Example: D1 Annabelle David
3. Email a copy of your child's baptism certificate and the screenshot of the PayNow transaction details (cover the bank a/c number) to the following email address: Catechetical.olss@gmail.com

We will respond with an acknowledgment to your Google Form/email submissions.

Suspension of ‘face-to-face’ Catechetical Sessions

Our normal in-Church sessions are usually held on Saturday from 10am to 11.30am (we will resume when restrictions are lifted).

Due to the health restrictions of the COVID-19 situation, there will be no face-to-face sessions for our Discipleship One children at the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea until further notice. Instead, Catechetical sessions will take the form of weekly online sessions/activities. Compulsory participation in these sessions/activities will serve as the attendance for your child.

For children from Discipleship One

- For children from Discipleship One, the catechists will send out a session outline for that Saturday to all parents every Thursday.
- Parents/guardian will need to follow the session outline to catechise their child during the weekend. Please do seek help from the catechist if you are unsure.
- These sessions will contain mini activities/reflections that will need to be completed and submitted back to the catechist by Sunday 5 p.m.
- Submission of these completed reflections/activities by the required time will count as the attendance for that Saturday.

The catechetical ministry is aware that such online platforms may not fully capture the beautiful encounter of journeying with their community during face-to-face sessions but we hope that such sessions can help our children to experience Christ in their own way especially in this difficult time. We ask for your cooperation, understanding and support as we continue to pray for the swift end of the COVID-19 pandemic.
I acknowledge that there will be no face-face catechesis in Church and that I will need to instruct my child and submit the activity by the deadline. *
Consent for Personal Data Usage
In filling this form and registering my child for catechetical sessions, I consent to:
A) the collection, storage, retention, reading, retrieval, use, transmission, blocking, erasure or destruction ("Processing") of the personal data provided by me in all sections of this Registration Form ("Personal Data");
B) the church Processing my Personal Data for the purpose of my registration, and using the information for the activities of the Catechetical Ministry, including but not limited to future activities, events and/or outreach programmes, as the case may be;
C) the church taking photos, videos or audio recordings which may contain our image/audio during catechetical sessions, activities, day of recollections and/or retreats, as the case may be, and acknowledge that these photographs, videos or audio recordings are the property of the church and no compensation will be given to me if these media recordings are used by the church for archival, promotional, publicity, outreach or other church-related purposes, on the church's website, publications and social media platforms; and
D) our information to be included in the church mailing list.

Please click "Agree" to continue, as we will be unable to process your registration if you disagree.
Consent *
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